Is Winter a Good Time to Remodel?

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It may be hard to believe, but winter is actually an excellent time to launch – and complete – remodeling jobs inside your home. People assume that spring and summer are the best seasons for making much-needed home renovations. In truth, though, those seasons are packed full of busy, outdoor activities, and, so, are excellent times for outdoor remodeling projects. It’s when we are closed up inside our cozy, warm homes that we can finally give our full attention to important household remodeling needs.

Why winter? For one thing, building contractors often see a bit of a slow-down in activity when the weather gets colder. People are doing less building during the winter months. That means as a homeowner, you have a better chance of getting the builder you want to work on your projects. On top of that, you may have a better chance of getting the work done more quickly—again, due to the fact that there’s less competition for your remodeler’s time.

The Best Winter Remodeling Projects

Consider indoor remodeling projects that you’ve had on your list to finish but didn’t because you were enjoying the summertime. There is an advantage to dreary winter days. A perfect time to start – and finish - those overdue remodeling projects. Here’s a list of the best winter remodeling projects for your Connecticut home.

1. Kitchen Remodel

 Remodeling the kitchen in your home is a smart move. There’s a reason it continues to rank as one of the most-requested remodeling tasks across the country. We use our kitchens for so many things: cooking, entertaining, eating, school projects, family meetings, and more. If you choose to remodel your kitchen, you’ll be improving a room where you’ll definitely reap the benefits. That’s probably a big reason why kitchen remodels recoup such a high percentage of investment should you ever sell your house.

If you’re looking for some great ideas, download our free Design Your Ideal Kitchen report. It’s full of tips and ideas for creating the ideal space in the heart of your home.


 2. Master Bathroom Remodel

Another room that’s extremely popular to remodel (and gives you a great return on your investment) is the master bathroom. Your guests may never see it, but you’ll see it—and use it—every day. It’s a room that helps set the tone for your entire day as you get ready. And it’s the room that helps you wind down at night.


3. Add a Deck: Why put on a deck in the winter?

Again, this is one of those projects that pays a high return for the money you invest. But why do it in the winter? Nobody sits around on the deck in the cold. Ah, but come spring time, when everyone wants to be out on their decks, it can be hard to find a builder who has the time to build one. If you start your deck (or start looking for a builder) in the spring, you might be well into summer before someone can get to it.


4. Painting

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to spruce up the interior of your home, whether it’s your kitchen, dining room, bedrooms or bathrooms.  Talk to your professional contractor about using low or no VOC paints which emit far fewer toxic fumes, in order to maintain good, healthy indoor air quality while the windows stay closed during the chilly winter weather.


5. Remodeling the Bathroom

Maybe you’ve been embarrassed by the bathroom your guests use whenever they come over. Winter is a great time to turn a ho-hum bathroom into something welcoming and stylish. Or maybe it’s time to turn your old master bathroom into a private spa/retreat!

Although it sounds like a major renovation, bathroom remodeling projects can be made easier by hiring a contractor to replace faucets and knobs. You can also have new lighting put in to brighten up the room and give it a new, updated look. The sink and toilet can also be replaced with water-efficient models.


6. Organizing

Another great indoor remodeling project is de-cluttering your home. Especially, after the New Year, people strive to make their homes more organized and cleaned out, providing more space and an airier, clutter-free environment. Decide which rooms most need to be organized. The most popular places on the list are the pantry and the bedroom closets, perhaps even a study.


7. Insulating

Want lower heating bills during the winter? Then be sure to have insulation installed, especially in the attic. Another area that should be insulated is the interior of existing walls in your home; a professional contractor can blow in foam insulation. In addition, you can spend some time caulking around the doors and window frames.


8. Replacing the Front Door

This is one of the most popular – and wisest – renovations you can make to your house. A new front door can return to you up to 110% in the home resale value.  In short, a new front door updates the exterior of your home but it also goes a long way towards changing the entire look of your house


9. Add needed storage space

Storage space seems to be something nobody ever has too much of. You could customize a walk-in closet or a pantry to take better advantage of the space that’s already there. And a good builder might even be able to “find” spaces that you didn’t even know existed. New shelves can be installed in the areas of your choice, even in the basement or attic, so that your home takes on a new, more streamlined look and feel.


11. Go underground

Winter is a great time to build out the basement. You can turn it into a recreation room, a spare bedroom, a wine cellar or a study. And what’s nice about remodeling your basement is that it’s much less disruptive for your family since most of the noise and mess will be out of the way.

Enjoying the long, winter months can be more easily ensured if you plan to spend some of that time having the most important parts of your home remodeled. It’s a great time to attend to that to-do list and make your home even more beautiful, functional and energy-efficient.

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