Foundation Crack in Your Middletown House? Here’s What To Do

Posted by Bob Wiedenmann

Foundation crack heres what to doThe foundation is a disappointing place to find a problem in your house. It’s critical to fix, can’t be done safely as a DIY, and is often expensive and time consuming to repair. So it must be done right. In this post, we’ll provide a few tips on how to assess and correct the issue.

Why foundation issues occur

The major cause of all issues in the foundation is—no surprise here—water. Water gets in and makes things damp, moldy, and in the wintertime (especially in Connecticut!) everything shrinks due to the cold, and things tend to crack and begin to get all crumbly. If you live in a historical or older home and you have not experienced issues with your foundation yet, consider yourself lucky—but make sure you know what to do, because these issues are the most likely in older homes. Cracks may not be the only issue you’re facing—uneven foundations are also common, as well as partial washouts due to floods or other issues. None of these can be safely ignored, and putting them off isn’t advisable either. After all, your foundation is what’s holding up your entire house.

Who to contact

The various parties that you need to involve include a Middletown contractor and a structural engineer. While expensive, we recommend hiring the engineer for the duration of the repair project. Especially if the cracks or deterioration issues are more serious, an engineer’s input will result in a project that is sure to last for a very long time. Contractors can often provide a temporary solution, but don’t you want something more certain for the foundation of your house? In the big scheme of things, a few hundred bucks is a small price to pay for that kind of peace of mind. 

What it costs

As we said, foundation repairs are not the cheapest type of repair to have done in your house. Costs can range from $1,500 to repair a small crack to up to $40,000 for replacing part of the foundation. Start collecting your pennies now! The problem with calculating cost before you start work is that many things can arise during construction. A contractor may discover further issues when repairing a crack, which cause the work to become more complex. Go into a job like this with an open mind and the goal to get your foundation into a healthy state—not save as many pennies as possible.

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