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End the Thermostat Battle With Zoned Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling the house can be a challenge. If you have multiple stories, then you may find that one floor is too hot while the other remains chilly. Like Goldilocks in the famous children’s fable, you may constantly feel like you’re searching for the area that’s “just right.” When you take into account other family members with different tastes, you could spend most of the season battling over the thermostat. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Temperature Variances Create Hot and Cold Spots

Every house has hot and cold spots. Cold air falls while hot air rises, so the upper levels of your home will be warmer throughout the year. Airflow weakens as it travels away from the furnace, so rooms closest to the appliance will receive more air while those further away receive less. This means that the rooms furthest from the system are also the hardest to heat and cool.


Zoned Control For Perfect Comfort

With a zoned heating and cooling system, you can eliminate the thermostat battles, wipe out cold and hot pockets and ensure comfortable heating throughout the home. Zones can be created based on distance from the appliances, so closer rooms can be set to a lower temperature while rooms further away are bumped up. If one child tends to be cold but another complains that it’s too hot, the bedrooms can be placed on different zones for comfort. You could spend time opening and closing dampers yourself to adjust airflow, but it’s more convenient and effective to let the system do it for you.

Remodeling With Comfort In Mind

If you’re having a new HVAC system installed or another remodeling project done, then you can benefit from investing in a zoned system. A series of dampers are used to control the airflow and direct it where you need it most. With one central control panel, you can automatically send more cold air to the second floor in the summer, so you won’t cool the main floor more than necessary. In the winter, you can be sure that larger rooms are still warm and cozy. Adjust bedrooms based on personal comfort levels, and ensure that everyone in the house is comfortable. The best time to have the system installed is when you’re already investing in having work done in the home, and it will pay for itself over time through lower utility bills.

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Energy Savings

In addition to making your home more comfortable, you’ll also make it more energy efficient. People often increase the temperature for the entire house in the winter as they struggle to warm lower floors. You can set the upper floors for a lower temperature and force more warm air into the living area. Rooms that are unused can be shut down and sealed off, so you can drastically lower your heating bills. Rather than making parts of the home uncomfortably warm, you’ll achieve a comfortable temperature throughout the structure. Your heating efforts will be more productive, and you’ll use less energy in the process. Click here for more information on Energy Savings

Ensure that you’re comfortable throughout all areas of your custom home with a zoned heating and cooling system. Send the warm air to the rooms you’re using and customize the temperature in each area to suit different family members. Your heating and cooling system will be more efficient, and you’ll see a drastic increase in comfort levels along with a decrease in utility expenses. If you’re having a new system installed or other work done, ask about having a zoned system installed to help you save money and stop the thermostat battle.

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