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Why Adding Options to Your New Home Up Front Makes Sense

Why-Adding-Options-to-Your-New-Home-Upfront-Makes-Sense.jpgIf you’re considering building a custom home in Northford or Wallingford, you know there are a number of options available to you that may not be in the basic floor plan. Does it make sense to add those things up front, or should you just build and wait awhile on some of those add-ons you’re considering?

Chances are, you’ve worked up at least a preliminary budget and you know what you want to spend. And you don’t want to be one of those homeowners who blow right past your budget by adding things you don’t need. Why would you add options to your new home upfront?

The truth is, the very beginning of your building project may be the very best time to add those little (and even sometimes not-so-little) touches to your new home.  Here are a couple of reasons why that can make sense.

It Will Never Cost You Less

We completely understand about setting a realistic budget and sticking to it. It’s never a good idea to get into a house that you can’t really afford. But the fact of the matter is, it will probably never be more cost-effective to add elements to your home than it is at the beginning. This is particularly true if you’re thinking about expanding the footprint of your home.  Excavating after you’ve already built is a tricky and expensive proposition.

Another thing to consider is that you already have laborers on-site. You’ll most likely be able to take advantage of some economies of scale when it comes to materials. You won’t have to tear anything out in order to add the features you want (things you already paid for,by the way!). On top of that, it’s pretty much a given that both labor and material costs will increase as time goes by.

It Will Never Be More Convenient

If you’re considering making changes to your home later, you’ll have to deal with an intrusive remodel. You’ll have workers in your home. There’s dirt and dust. And depending on what you’re having done, there will probably be rooms you can’t use while the remodeling is going on.

On the other hand, if you consider all the options you really want (and this isn’t frivilous add-ons—we’re talking about design elements that truly enhance your enjoyment of your home) before you finalize your loan, you may be surprised at what you can add for very little extra.

Does it make sense to add options to your new home up front? That depends of course on the options you have in mind. But adding usuable living space or handy features up front will never be more affordable or convenient than at the very beginning of the construction process.

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