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Building a house is one thing while building a home is quite another. A family's home is their personal statement and the center of their lives. To build a home demands close communication between the builder and the family to ensure that their needs and goals are completely understood. A home requires a greater commitment to quality in construction, materials and design. We understand the significance of home ownership so we will not build a home that we would not enjoy living in or take pride in owning.

new community in middletown


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A new community on Ridgewood Road in Middletown, Connecticut, with Colonial and Ranch style homes starting in the 300's.

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Bridgewater is a 30-lot subdivision with 1- 1 ½ acre lots and estate style homes located in Northford, CT.

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Our Past Communities

Our completed communities include Royal Oaks, The Willows, Center Place, Sonoma Woods, Cobblestone, and Ridgeview.

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