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A Guide to Budgeting for Your Dream Remodel

Posted by Greg Kamens

Anytime homeowners in the Wallingford, CT area think about a Connecticut home renovation, one of the questions that comes up is if the planned improvement is worth the money invested. Before you worry about that you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish with your renovation project—and have a solid quote for the cost. Then, you need to address another, equally important question: what should you spend? Below, you'll find everything you need to know about budgeting for your dream remodel. 

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Accessory Apartments in Connecticut: What They are and How to Build One

Posted by Greg Kamens

Granny flats, in-law cottages, laneway houses, accessory apartments—there are dozens of different names by which multigenerational housing units are known. Although such structures may look a little different depending on the format of your property in Connecticut, they more or less refer to the same thing: a second small dwelling on your property that is either attached to the main house or built separately.

An accessory house can provide a living space for an aging parent, an older child, a live-in caregiver, or visitors. The dwelling generally contains the same type of utilities and accommodations as traditional housing, including a kitchen, bedroom, private bathroom, living room and entrance. There are numerous environmental, financial, and lifestyle benefits to building an in-law cottage. One is that the unit is private and can be personalized for the needs of its distinct inhabitants while keeping them in close proximity to your family.

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Bob Fills Wallingford Housing Authority Board Seat

Posted by Greg Kamens

On June 21, our very own Bob Wiedenmann, president of Sunwood Development, was the unanimous selection to fill the vacant seat of the Wallingford Housing Authority.

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