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Make your Middletown CT home Dog-friendly

How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

According to a 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 68 percent of US households own a pet. 85 million American households have a pet! It's obvious that pets are important to us, but do our homes reflect our affection?Here's a look at how to make your home pet-friendly.

While people own all kinds of pets, the vast majority of the pets in this country are dogs and cats. So, we’ll focus on home improvements for those pets, here.

Provide Easy Access

Pets have to go in and out of the house fairly often. It’s a pain to have to get up and open the door to let them out and then do it again a few minutes later to let them back in. Pet doors aren’t all that unusual, but here’s one that takes things to a new level. Owners of this home installed a motorized pet door that responds to a collar worn by the pet. No more getting up all the time to let Fido or Fifi in or out. And there’s no draft from a traditional pet door that doesn’t seal well!

Discreet Pet Dining

Many homeowners keep food and water dishes in the kitchen for their pets. But how many times have you tripped over a food bowl and sent the contents flying across the floor. Here’s an interesting approach to that problem. Install a feeding station in the baseboards of your kitchen. It slides out when it’s time to eat, and slides in when not in use!


Have a Room with a View

Both dogs and cats love to survey their domains. You can create a spot where they can do that comfortably by installing a pet window seat where they can perch and keep an eye on what’s going on outside of the house. The window seat you see here is just one option. You can create whatever you like in the front or the back of your home. It could be a spot at a single window or a longer narrower area that runs below several windows.


Create a Groom Room

Giving your pet a bath or shower can really be a challenge. Many of us end up attempting this task in our bathtubs, showers, or kitchen sinks. The results are frequently less than optimal. It’s awkward and often messy. One way to address that issue is to create a room (or a space within a room—such as a mud room or a laundry room) devoted specifically to that purpose. A pet-washing station such as the one you see here makes it much easier to wash, dray, and brush your pet. Cleanup is a lot easier as well. Plus you don’t have the smell of wet dog or cat throughout the house!


Make a “Pet-away” Space 

Homeowners often like to have a place where they can get away from it all. For some of us, that might be a luxurious master bedroom with a spa-like master bath. Some pets like to have a place of their own. Why not create a “pet-away” space where your cat or dog can retreat for some peace and quiet. One option is to build this space right into your family room or kitchen similar to the image you see here.


Some pets prefer to have a private space that’s away from the action. A popular option for many homeowners is to have a hide-away in the laundry room such as you see here. When you’re not doing laundry it’s a quiet, cozy place for pets to snooze.

If you’re considering a remodel of your Central Connecticut home, you’ll want to think about the things that really matter for your own comfort and convenience. But remember that your pets are important too—so don’t leave them out of your plans!

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