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Using Environmentally-Safe Materials for Your Green Remodeling

energy efficient septOne of the most important facets of green remodeling – incorporating both cost-effective and earth-sustaining concepts into your home - is using products which are environmentally safe.  As you know, many products and practices utilized during the remodeling of a home can have very damaging effects on the environment, even long-term.  This can range from disturbing the landscape surrounding the home, as well as chemicals and materials that emit pollutants into the air.  But there are green solutions to all of these problems.

With an experienced contractor, you can have a hand in determining several factors which lead to a more successful green remodeling project:

  • Take care to talk to your contractor about cutting out products, or at least minimizing them, which could harm the environment or even the residents of the house during the remodeling project or after.
  • Consider using the following products in your green remodeling job:
    • Paints and sealants which are non-toxic
    • Thermostats programmable to cut down on energy costs
    • Appliances that are energy-efficient
    • Quality insulation that cuts down on energy usage
    • Indigenous plants for landscaping in your area
    • Flooring made of natural products
    • Local building materials
    • Natural fiber rugs and fabrics
    • Roof shingles and tiles made of recycled material
    • Lighting which is energy-efficient
    • Insulated hot water pipes
  • In addition, seriously consider using products which have been recycled, like rubber and a lighter-weight polymer roofing that looks like slate.  You can also find recycled glass with concrete for excellent countertops, walls and floors which are long-lasting and durable.  In addition, you have the option of choosing lumber that has been recycled or reclaimed (from old buildings, for example) or the highly-popular bamboo as a green alternative.

Using products and materials which are ecologically-safe will not only make your home environment more healthy, but also increase the value of your home since today’s homeowners are looking for safe, comfortable homes to live in.