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5 Reasons To Remodel Your Central Connecticut Home

CT-Home-Remodeling, Home-Remodeling, When-to-Remodel, Home-RenovationsDo you ever get that nagging feeling that it’s time to “do something” with your central Connecticut home? Maybe the feeling is kind of vague—but it keeps cropping up. You like your home and you don’t want to move. But you get this nagging feeling that it’s not what it could be.

If you’ve been in your home for a while, those feelings are pretty normal. Maybe the initial excitement about moving in has been replaced by little (or even big) things you’d like to change.  But is it really time to remodel? Here are a few things that could be good indicators that a well-planned renovation may be in order.

1. You’re Feeling Squeezed: When homeowners first move into a home (particularly if they’re coming from a small space such as an apartment), they often can’t imagine that they’ll ever fill up all the space they’ve got. We tend to accumulate “stuff,” however, it doesn’t take long before the “wide open spaces” get a bit cramped. More space—or at least better use of the space you have—is a good reason to remodel.

2. Your Needs Have Changed: Family dynamics don’t stay the same. Small children don’t seem to care much about having their own bathroom. When they get a little older, however, that becomes a big deal. Sometimes kids (and parents!) need a bit of extra space that’s just for them. Maybe you thought jockeying for position in the master bath was kind of cute at first, but now you’d love a little extra space to get ready for work in the morning. A well-designed remodeling plan can solve those problems.

3. Safety Concerns: If you live in a home that’s a bit older, you may have some safety concerns. There are reasons that building and safety codes change over time. If you have questions about your home’s safety, that’s a good reason to make a change.

4. Energy or Environmental Issues: Today’s homes are simply much more energy efficient than homes built even 20 or 30 years ago. You may be using a lot more energy to heat and cool your home than you need to. Not only does that negatively impact the environment—it costs you money! (By the way, if you’d like more information about the pros and cons of green building, you can download our free guide here! )

5. Sometimes You Just Want a ChangeMaybe your tastes or your sense of style have changed over the years. And it’s important to realize that how people live and entertain changes with time. Modern, open floor plans are much more conducive to the way families live and entertain today. On top of that, just wanting to change things up is a perfectly good reason to remodel! 

If any of these reasons resonate with you, we’d love to hear from you! We’d love to hear your ideas about making your home the home of your dreams again.

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