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Building a Great Energy-efficient Home in CT Begins with Great Planning

Building-a-great-energy-efficient-home-in-CT-begins-with-great-planningIf you’re thinking about building a new home in The Wallingford, CT area, you probably want a home that’s energy efficient. “Green” homes have gone from being a novelty to being pretty much mainstream. The benefits are fairly obvious: Less impact on the environment, lower utility bills, and improved comfort for homeowners. Seems like a slam-dunk, right? But how do you actually get a home that delivers those benefits. 

You need a good plan. That’s what was troubling Professor Edward F. Crawley, MIT Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was trying to find software solutions that would help him to optimize the decisions he had to make while building his own energy-efficient home. Not being able to find anything, he created his own! 

That was the birth of MIT-based construction and energy consulting firm Ekotrope, Inc. Sunwood Development has partnered with Ekotrope, Inc. so that we can offer Centeral Connecticut homeowners a great way to create the perfect design for their homes. That allows us to create the most energy-efficient home on the market today—and that puts money in your pocket for years to come.

Building-a-great-energy-efficient-home-in-CT-begins-with-great-planning2The system is visually driven and easy to use. You simply log on and fill in some simple initial parameters, and then Ekotrope’s algorithms calculate a number of parameters, including breakdowns of financial and environmental benefits for energy-related investments for your new home—and identifies energy investment ‘sweet spots’ that can significantly lower your out-of pocket costs (such as utility bills).

Of course energy efficiency is only one of the things you want to plan for  when building a new home. You’ll want to think about comfort, convenience, and neighborhoods as well. That’s where the homes in our new Bridgewater Estates really shine. You can choose from seven fantastic floor plans with great luxury features—ranging from a two-story, 5-bedroom, 3 ½ bathroom colonial style home to a single-level 3-bedroom, 2-½ bath home designed with today’s lifestyle in mind. There are also five additional floor plans from which you can chose. 

On top of that, Bridgewater Estates is a great neighborhood in the shadows of Totoket Mountain, planned and desigend to reflect that area’s nature beauty with protected open space and conservation areas. 

A great new home doesn’t just happen. It requires some planning. We encourage you to check out Bridgewater Estates, where a lot of the planning has already been done—planning that will make this a great place for you to live for years to come!