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Bedroom Basics: Choosing the Right Wall Treatments for Your Middletown Master Bedroom

Bedroom-Basics-Choosing-the-Right-Wall-Treatments-for-Your-Middletown-Master-BedroomIf you’re beginning to renovate your master bedroom, you may be looking for ideas that go beyond a large picture above the headboard of your bed. It’s time to get imaginative, and a Middletown home renovation that includes some of these ideas is bound to be a winner! 

Fabric Wall Treatments

Create a little drama and a strong focal point for your bedroom with a funky fabric wall treatment! Some designers consider the area behind and above to be a neglected area of “real estate.” Spice up this space with several fabrics. Your designer can create a fabric wall treatment that will grab lots of attention and compliments. 

Add some “wow” to your treatment by using two contrasting colors. Ideally, one of these colors will coordinate with the color of your bedding. When you’re done, your master bedroom won’t look like anyone else’s. 


Wall Gallery

This idea works best when your home renovation contractor has chosen a darker paint color for the wall behind your bed. The wall gallery uses a shelf, painted the same color as the wall. Place several pictures on top of this shelf. 

What makes this wall treatment stand out: each picture has a frame or matting of a contrasting color. Result: a gallery-style wall treatment that adds class and style to your master bedroom. 

Blend Night Tables with Wall Treatment

“Floating” night tables flank both sides of your bed in this wall treatment. If your designer doesn’t place your bed square in the center of this wall, one of the floating night tables can become a part of the design of the remainder of your master bedroom. 

You may want your bedroom to become a retreat of sorts. Create a sitting area and include smaller pieces of furniture, such as lounge chairs or a small love seat. Pieces of a sectional sofa can be moved into your room, becoming a part of your new retreat. As you discuss your wishes with your designer, he may suggest making the retreat area of your master bedroom visibly separate from the sleeping part of your room, using area rugs. Distinguish this area even more as an area for relaxation, reading or crafting by adding one or two task lamps so you can light up this area while still leaving the sleeping area in relative darkness. Finish off your design by adding a short, low bookcase and a few of your books. 

Wall Panel/“Headboard”

Create a “headboard” that covers the entire wall behind your bed and even above your bed. Your designer can take a sculpted wall panel and paint it in a color that contrasts with the remainder of the room. This idea works best when your bed coverings coordinate with the wall panel.

The end result is a strong statement and appearance for your master bedroom remodel. The effect is even better if you have definitive window treatments, such as wide window blinds covering two narrow windows.