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Making a Grand Entrance: 4 Ideas for Revamping Your Connecticut Home Entryway

Making-a-Grand-Entrance-4-Ideas-for-Revamping-Your-Connecticut-Home-EntrywayThe entryway of your Connecticut home gives your family, friends and guests a strong impression about your home. If you’ve been lavishing attention on other areas of your home, such as your kitchen or the new addition, that entryway may be showing sad signs of neglect—and it’s time to correct that!

That Family Entryway

Do you and your family use the front door to go in and out when you have a door that goes into the kitchen or garage? It’s not very likely. In fact, your visitors (and those you didn’t invite) are the most likely to stand on your front porch, waiting to be welcomed in. 

For convenience’ sake, you and your family are much more likely to get into the house through the garage. First, it saves you several steps and you can dump your stuff more easily. During the winter, you can take your snowy, muddy boots off and leave them in the garage or a mudroom. You may also find it convenient to install a rod to hang coats; a set of cubbies can hold other winter wear. 

Don’t forget about setting up an area where you can leave purses, keys and those heavy bags of groceries. A drop-off area makes it much easier to use that “family entryway.” 

Don’t Forget That Storm Door

You don’t need me to tell you that Connecticut can get cold in the winter. At the same time, you know that opening the windows and that door to bright sunlight can help warm the inside of your home. A well-made storm door can help to rebuff cold blasts of wind so that, when you do have your front door open, all you’ll feel is the warmth of the sun. You have three storm door types to choose from: 


Full view

Traditional (two-panel or crossbuck)  

In the summer, slide the glass panel down so cool breezes can come into your house during the day. In winter months, slide that glass panel back up. 

Purpose of Your Entryway

Before you revamp or update your home’s entry way, you need to decide on the most important purpose for your home’s entryway

You may want a place where you can organize your belongings; welcome guests with an unforgettable and stylish entry; or have a spot where you can store outdoor wear. No matter what you decide the most important purpose of your home’s entryway is, find ways, furnishings and artwork that will help you to make it a true reflection of you, your family and your home. 

Entryways and Curb Appeal

Let’s face it. Your home’s appeal doesn’t begin right at the front door. As people drive or walk by, they are making their minds up about your home based on how your yard, driveway, windows, fence, yard borders and windows. Whether you’re selling your home or not, you want your home to make a good impression on others. 

Look at every one of the above areas. If the fence needs to be washed, or if the driveway needs to have breaks sealed, do it. Do you have a chain-link fence? Consider changing that for a picket fence. If you already have a picket fence, clean it and add a fresh coat of paint. 

Look at your yard. Pull out weeds and dead plants and replace the plants with attractive flowers or shrubs. Continuing with maintenance activities, clean windows and replace old weather stripping.

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