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CT Bathroom Remodeling: This is Not Your Grandmother’s Bathroom

connecticut bathroom remodelingWhen Grandma was your age she probably didn’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It was a place where you got in and did what was necessary and then got out. Sometimes Grandma even referred to this as the “necessary room.” Thinking about it as the “master” bathroom may never have crossed her mind.

Bathrooms today go far beyond the “necessary” functionality of Grandma’s day. Many of today’s master baths are more like a spa or an oasis to escape stress, to relax, and to indulge yourself a bit—in the comfort of your own home.

Modern Connecticut bathroom upgrades often include some of the following. They might have blown Grandma’s socks off, but you might find them attractive.

  • Install a whirlpool. Some models combine the comfort of a whirlpool tub with soothing underwater light therapy, called chromatherapy.
  • A distinctive leather-framed bathroom mirror and furniture piece vanity can add interest.
  • Consider a combination bathroom mirror/TV. You may have seen these in some high-end hotels. At the push of a button, what appears to be a normal bathroom mirror features an LCD TV.
  • Think about customized one-of-a-kind faucets. Who says you have to have the same faucets that everybody else uses? There are companies that enable you to design your own spigots, handles and finishes in order to give your bathroom a truly unique look.
  • Add a soaking tub for relaxation. If nobody uses a conventional bathtub why not put that space to better use?  You might even consider a Japanese soaking tub. These tubs are about three feet deep, allowing people sit up to their neck in water, without lying down. And that can be an extremely relaxing experience—particularly if your bathroom has a nice outside view.

This is definitely not your Grandmothers bathroom—but chances are, she won’t be spending much time in your master bathroom anyway!