Seven Master Bathroom Trends For Your Connecticut Home

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Connecticut homeowners are paying much more attention to a room in their homes that once was overlooked. It used to be that people didn’t even talk about their bathrooms—much less give them extra attention. That’s all changed.
After all, the modern master bath is much more than simply a place to wash up and get ready for the day. For many homeowners, it’s become a retreat—a spa-like place to relax and leave the stress of the day behind.

 Whether you’re building a new home in Meriden, Middletown or Wallingford—or remodeling your existing home—it’s helpful to keep an eye on new developments taking place in the master bathroom. Here are a few of the trends we’ve noticed from around the country. 

1. Tub Trends

Freestanding tub in new home in Middletown CT
Not all that long ago, homeowners wanted whirlpool-style tubs in their master bathrooms. While those tubs remain popular, an increasing number of homeowners want deep tubs to provide relaxation without jets that splash and make noise. These tubs provide a much more relaxing soaking experience and enable homeowners to enjoy things such as reading, watching television or listening to music while in the tub. 

Soaking tubs can hold their heat more efficiently than conventional bathtubs. That's important if you want to have a longer, relaxing soak without having to constantly add hot water.


Soaking tubs also add an aesthetic element to your Master Bathroom. You can choose an elegant stand-alone tub or install a soaking tub in the corner. One of the nice things about soaking tubs is that they don’t take up as much room as some of the older whirlpool type tubs. They’re pleasing to look at without dominating the whole room.

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2. It’s Getting Steamy

Modern Bathroom Renovation in Middletown CT
Some homeowners are foregoing tubs altogether in favor of steam showers. They’re a great way to relax and unwind. And for those who don’t want to linger as long as a soak in the tub takes, they’re a quicker alternative. Some folks are even installing remote controls that can start the steam ahead of time so that the shower is ready when they are.

In addition to providing you with some pampering, steam showers offer a number of benefits. According to Modern Bathroom, steam can help you: 

  • Clear congested sinuses
  • Unwind after a work-out
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Open pores and reduce the occurrence of blemishes
  • Manage stress


What will it cost you to put in a steam shower? Naturally, not all steam showers are the same, and the features you choose for your specific shower will affect the price. You can expect to pay in the range of $2,000 to $6,000 to install a steam shower in your Connecticut home.


3. Super-Sized Showers

Contemporary Bathroom Renovation in Middletown CT
There’s another option for homeowners who don’t want to sit in the tub for long periods of time. Shower sizes are getting bigger. Not only does this keep them from feeling claustrophobic in the shower, it also allows for multiple shower heads so they can enjoy spray from different directions. Where space is an issue, some homeowners are taking out shower walls completely and making the whole room a much larger shower. (Obviously, some additional modifications are required!)
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4. Sensible Storage

Traditional Bathroom Renovation in Middletown CT
When thinking about a luxurious room in which to relax, it can be easy to overlook something as practical as storage. And yet, it’s really important. It’s hard to relax if the room you’re in is cluttered because there’s no place to put your “stuff.” Designers and builders are getting creative about using bathroom space in a way that makes sense. Big kitchen-style drawers don’t work in a bathroom, so builders and designers are looking to take better advantage of vertical space—and are even “creating” space by recessing storage between studs in the walls.


5. Everything In It's Place

Transitional Bathroom Renovation in Middletown CT
There’s a growing trend to keep the toilet separate from the rest of the bathroom. In some cases, homeowners have moved the water closet into its own “closet.” Where that’s not feasible, others are building a privacy wall between the toilet and the rest of the room.

6. Thinking Ahead

Modern Bathroom Renovation in Middletown CT
More homeowners are looking to the future when designing their bathrooms. If they plan to stay in their homes for a longer time (and to an older age), they are building in features that will enable them to enjoy their bathrooms safely for years to come. Forget about industrial-looking grab bars and things of that nature. The solutions that are available now have an elegant look that fit in perfectly with the rest of your design.

According to NewsUSA, (quoting a National Institute on Aging statistic), 80 percent of falls happen in the bathroom. The good news is that you can create a beautiful Master Bathroom that minimizes the risk of falling by installing seamless, lipless shower entrances. Another feature to consider is adding built-in seating in the shower and including flexible/adjustable shower heads that allow comfortable showering in a seated position. Slip-resistant flooring is another important consideration. And don’t underestimate the importance of adequate lighting in the bathroom. In addition to creating a more pleasant look, good lighting can also help prevent falls.


7. Turning Up the Heat from Underneath

Modern Bathroom Renovation in Middletown CT
All that nice soaking in your tub or shower loses its effectiveness when you step out onto an ice-cold floor. To keep that from happening, an increasing number of homeowners are installing radiant electric heat under their tile or stone flooring. It’s a surprisingly affordable option that adds a whole lot of comfort. 

What do we mean when we say adding radiant heat for your flooring is affordable? Every situation is unique, but typical costs to install heated flooring for a 100-square-foot bathroom can range from $475 to $725. Obviously, you’ll need to adjust that figure for a larger bathroom. Heated flooring is a luxury item, but for many who have experienced stepping out onto a stone or tile floor on a cold Connecticut winter day, it’s a luxury they are willing to pay for!

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