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5 Great Wallingford Home Remodeling Projects for the Fall

The long, warm summer days are coming to an end which means fall weather has arrived!  It’s also time for certain remodeling projects in your home.  In fact, putting off these kinds of important improvement jobs until wintertime can become costly in the long run.  To avoid that kind of headache and ensure that you enjoy the fall months – in addition to boosting your property value – there are five high-priority items to take care of…now.

1. Take a Look a the Roof

With snow on the way, look first to the condition of your roof.  This area of your home is one of the most vulnerable areas to all of the damaging elements of weather.  Get in touch with a professional contractor to check your roof for damaged or missing shingles; damp and moldy spots; and broken mortar around the chimney, etc.

2. Book a Home Inspection

Get an inspection of your home by a qualified professional contractor.  This will pay off in the long run.  It’s much better to find damages early on, when the remedies will be far less expensive, than to let your home continue to deteriorate, without you knowing.

3. Look for Water Leaks

Look for any possible water leaks.  This is because any standing or leaking water can easily freeze in the winter, causing foundation cracks and ruining roofs and ceilings, and other areas of the interior of your home, among other things.  One of the primary damaging elements to a home is water leaks.  Pay attention to them in the fall - and you’ll enjoy a warm, cozy, protected winter with your family.

4. Consider Window Replacements

If your windows are more than 10 years old, seriously consider having them replaced.  By purchasing those with a high insulating factor, you can save a substantial amount on energy costs, since windows are where most of the heat escapes from your home.

5. Increase Insulation

Increase the insulation in your home.  Simply adding another layer of insulation in your attic can make a great deal of difference, not only in your utility bills during the upcoming winter months, but also in your comfort level.  Also, doing this may even be deductible on your taxes.  In addition, make sure to insulate your pipes and water heater to keep them from freezing when the temperatures dip. 

Fall is a wonderful time for preparing your home for the long, cold winter.  And it can be simple if you contact a professional contractor to inspect your home.  It’s far better to catch a problem in its budding stages - and before the snow blows.

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