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Provocative Powder Room Ideas For Your Connecticut Home

PowderRoomThe powder room (or half bath) may be one of the most fun rooms in your home to renovate. Because of their small size—and the fact that they’re not really “connected” to the flow of the rest of the house—these spaces lend themselves to expressing individuality and personality. Homeowners often try design elements in the powder room that they’d be hesitant to try elsewhere in their home. And the results are often quite stunning.

And let’s face it: Most guests will never enter your master bedroom or your master bath. But almost everyone makes a visit to the powder room at one time or another. It’s a great place to “show off” a bit or to make a statement. Here are a few ideas.

Optical illusions of grandeur: There are some tricks you can employ to make this tiny room appear bigger than it is. One idea is to use high-gloss finishes to reflect both natural and artificial light in the room. Glass, lacquer or metallic surfaces are great for that. You can also give the impression of a taller room by drawing guests’ eyes upward with a distinctively shaped mirror. Installing decorative paneling on the lower portions of the wallsalso adds to the illusion of a more vertical room.

Be bold: Sometimes homeowners are a little hesitant to use rich, bold, contrasting colors and patterns in such a small space because they’re afraid it will be overwhelming. In fact, the opposite is often true. And you might think that a large picture would be out of place in a small space—but it can actually create a powerful impact.

More than a “necessary” room: We all know why this room exists. It’s kind of hard to ignore the toilet that dominates the landscape. But if you can add free-standing furniture (such as a really slim console table) it makes this space feel more like a real room and not just a “water closet.”

Floor your guests: Because of the small area, you may want to try some unusual flooring materials—things that might be a bit expensive if you bought lots of it. Also, because you don’t have to worry about water from a shower, you might want to try a premium hardwood floor.

Have fun with your powder room! Make it a place your guests will remember.