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CT Homeowner Tips: A Different Way To Shower across America, luxury homes and hotels are quietly installing an item that’s central in the new wave of bathroom design. Slowly, the guests who stay in the homes and hotels with this item are slipping into a new mindset. Some are catching the bug and nabbing one for themselves when they get home. What is this thing?

An outdoor shower. It might sound strange, especially when you consider Connecticut winters. However, the fact is that an outdoor shower can be used all year round—even in freezing weather, if it’s designed correctly. These aren’t just for beach-goers to wash their feet anymore.

Hint: If you’re not convinced that an outdoor shower will stay warm enough during wintertime, consider that a ceiling of some type will keep more of the hot air and steam inside of the stall instead of drifting away above you. You’ll feel the cold air around you—but the warm water and steamy air will keep you toasty.

Dress it up with details. Try a dark finish inside the shower to make it feel more private. Expand the space if you have it, enough to add a bench in the stall for a more luxurious and open feeling.

Keep it looking natural. As a bridge to the outside, a standard shower stall just won’t do. The space should feel like a transition to the outdoors, with natural materials like stone, tile or bamboo. To increase the natural feel and pump up the luxury factor, consider a rainfall showerhead.

Work with what you already have. If you have a view of any kind, installing an outdoor shower is the best way to take advantage of it. Talk to a professional about how to position every detail such that the view is the real focus of the space. If you have a large tree that some might consider to be “in the way,” take a different approach and ask your renovations professional how to build it—literally—into the stall itself.

If you think you might be catching the bug too, ask your Wallingford exterior remodeling custom homebuilder about what designs would work best for the layout and design of your home. Remember that water lines have to be routed, so you may not be able to stick a shower just anywhere outside of your home. Also remember building codes, permits and zoning. As with all things, realistic expectations are a must. And if you’re not ready for all of the planning that comes with an outdoor shower, think about an open shower for your new bathroom remodel. It may sound odd at first, but a stall-free experience may be just what you need to create a spa-like experience in your everyday routine.