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Wallingford Green Remodeling: 4 Creative Ideas For Green Home Remodeling, Part 1

describe the image“Green” doesn’t always mean simple, rustic or earthy. It can be modern, minimalist, trendy and even chic. If these are what you want to achieve, you only have to make sure that it’s done right.

In this post, we suggest a few ways to go about going green, keeping your style and staying within a reasonable budget. Some of these may seem like common ideas until you get down to the nitty gritty—for these Wallingford green remodeling ideas, the details can really be “where it’s at.”

Use Reclaimed Wood For New Hardwood Floors

Reclaimed wood is basically wood that has been recycled from another building or use and can take many forms, even things like old wine barrels. And don’t equate old with antiquated. Reclaimed wood has a few benefits over manufactured warped wood you can buy at Home Depot. The quality alone can be higher, since older woods were likely naturally grown rather than farmed, and so the tree probably had to work for its sunlight, thus creating a stronger and more durable wood.

Also, many trees aren’t allowed to be cut down and used for building purposes anymore—for example, redwoods. By checking around for reclaimed wood, though, you can find these rare types that have a lot more character and even color, since age develops color in a wood.

Even though reclaimed wood has become trendy, your pocket may also benefit from using it. While new wood retails for around $5 to $20 per square foot, high-quality reclaimed wood will probably come in at the lower end of that range.

When choosing to go this route, don’t cut corners. The backing to some flooring can contain harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde or chemicals called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.  If your goal is green, keep it that way by avoiding these!

Think Out Of the Box When Replacing the Roof

Your roof dictates how much sunlight your home absorbs, which can make or break your heating and cooling bills. By going green on this part of your home, you may spend a little more up front and save a ton later. This is why we say think out of the box, because there are a lot of options that you may never hear or even think of. A lot of changes are going on in this area, too.

For example, you can buy a product called a Green Pak, which sits on top or your roof and is filled with specially blended soil very rich in nutrients. You can water it and let it go for whatever chooses to grow there, or plant specific things of your choice. It’s also possible to tailor the type of soil for the specific region where you live.

If you decide on a planter-type roof, think about drainage. New options allow for rainwater collection, which allows the water to be used instead of filling up city supplies and becoming filthy in the process (costing you taxpayer dollars, might we add). According to Discovery News, you can save half of the water from the annual rainfall by installing a rain guard system. That’s nothing to sneeze at!