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5 Remarkable Custom-Built Homes To Give You Ideas

As a homeowner with good taste, you know that a custom-built home is the best way to the house of your dreams. You can choose your look, the style of building, the internal fixtures and fittings right down to the color of wood on the floor and the style of the kitchen appliances.

But first you need to construct the building and, since this is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make in your life, it pays to take your time and consider all the options. Below are five different houses, all of them custom-built homes by Sunwood, showing a range of features and styles. Looking at what’s possible helps firm up your own ideas, deciding what you like and discounting what you dislike.

5 Remarkable Custom Built Homes To Give You Ideas 1

Color your home beautiful. The CT custom-home builder has a world of color to choose from and it’s surprising how different colored elevations alter the appearance of a house. Other details you may love are the leaded effect windows, the slender porch supports or the romantically curved pathway. 

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How about an elegant veranda with delicate white railings, or a fairytale-arched window? Dormer windows in the roof add another touch of the fairytale atmosphere to this charming custom-built home.

5 Remarkable Custom Built Homes To Give You Ideas 3

Notice the differing apex roof heights and the complementary brickwork on the external chimney. Notice, too, the matching cornerstones on the main elevations. They provide a sense of symmetry in a building that’s full of visual interest. The pale color keeps the overall impressing clean and uncomplicated, even though the structure is relatively complex in shape. The sheltered entrance adds a nice touch of protective security to the custom-built home as well as a hint of mystery. 

5 Remarkable Custom Built Homes To Give You Ideas 4

Compare this to the first house illustrated and notice how the two porches look completely different despite being similar in structure. The addition of the small balcony or porch on this one lends an extra touch of elegance and old world charm. The contrasting colors to either side of the windows add to this effect, giving the custom-built home a watchful, contemplative, serene look that manages to be both contemporary and traditional.

5 Remarkable Custom Built Homes To Give You Ideas 5

Do you need plenty of garage space? Having room to house the family cars not only keeps the driveways uncluttered, it protects your vehicles too. Or maybe you love the idea of manicured lawns and sweepingly grand, front facades.

There are decisions galore in the custom homebuilding process, and deciding your look is just the first of many. Having made your mind up about the type of house you want, you’ll have a firm stepping-off point and can move to make it a reality. Until then, it’s good to dream a little and take inspiration from other custom-built homes.