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Smart Storage Options To Double Your Available Space

The more space we have, the more stuff we buy to fill it. Or so it seems. One thing’s certain; you can never have too much storage. With that in mind, we’ve scouted around and dug up some of the best storage ideas to maximize living space throughout the house.

Kitchen Smart Storage Ideas

Wire baskets that hang beneath existing shelves in cabinets can double food storage areas. Many food items such as cans or packets aren’t very tall so there’s lots of wasted space above them. Hang a wire basket from the shelf in the kitchen cabinet and use this for storage of small items such as herbs and spices, baby food or cake and cookie mixtures. They’re also useful for collections of small items that often get lost, such as cookie cutters or icing bags and nozzles.

Customized, built-in smart storage, such as corner carousels fitted inside cabinet doors or tall condiment racks in the narrow gaps between fitted cabinets are smart ways to use otherwise wasted spaces.

Other cool ideas for built-in storage include deep, peg drawers for plates and cups, or pop-up shelves to house small appliances like coffee makers. These keep worktops clear when the appliance isn’t in use.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

It’s possible to double storage space in closets with two-tier clothes rails. These are easy to fit and ideal for short clothes such as shirts, skirts, pants or jackets. For the bedroom, all you need is a couple of closet rod brackets and the rod itself, along with fixings of course.

Ottoman beds have huge caverns of space that’s readily accessible because the whole mattress easily lifts. You get much bigger and more versatile storage space than in a similar sized divan. Keep suitcases in there instead of piled on top of closets, or even seasonal sports equipment that’s bulky and not used all year round.

Living Room Storage

Make living room furniture do double duty by providing smart storage as well as comfort or good looks. Coffee tables with integral drawers hide a multitude of sins, from TV remotes to game console controllers and phone and tablet chargers.

Some sofas have built-in storage beneath the seats. These are a great idea if you like blankets to cozy up in during the winter months but want to store them during summer. Likewise, built-in window seats can house storage for kids’ toys or craft and hobby equipment.

Make the most of vertical space by installing more open shelving. It’s fashionable right now, and can free up floor space by doing away with the need for freestanding bookshelves or display cabinets.

Garage or Workshop Storage

Garages often do harder work than we credit them with. Not just for parking, the garage is where gardening equipment gets stowed and power tools are kept. Keeping everything neat and accessible can double the available space, and make it easier for the kids to reach their stuff without help.

A modular smart storage system that you can add to as needed helps keep everything organized and handy. Not only will you save space, you’ll save yourself the frustration of rooting through boxes trying to find stored items.

Take advantage of unused wall space by mounting bike fixings to free up floor space, and invest in ceiling racks to store other little-used but useful equipment such as ladders.

Chances are you don’t need less stuff, you just need to organize your home storage a bit better. There are many options out there to help you do just that.

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