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Energy Efficiency in Your CT Home: The Good News and the Better News

Energy-efficiency0in-your-CT-home-the-good-news-and-the-better-news.jpgIt’s hard to find a homeowner these days who isn’t concerned about energy efficiency. That’s not surprising when you consider that after your mortgage, money spent on energy for your home is probably your biggest monthly expense. On average, American homeowners spend nearly $2,000 a year on energy bills. About half of that pays just for heating and cooling.

The good news is that according to Connecticut ranks among the top 10 states in the country for energy efficiency. It really helps when others around you are looking for ways to be more energy efficient. It makes finding energy efficient solutions for your home much easier.

What’s even better news is—unlike years ago—energy efficiency doesn't mean sacrificing comfort or spending more. When “going green” was considered kind of a fringe activity homeowners had to pay premium prices for solutions,which often didn’t work as well as conventional methods of heating and cooling.

Because more people are concerned with the impact our homes have on the environment, there are more—and better—products available. This includes building materials and appliances. Not only does it mean less consumption of energy (which saves you money), but most newer technologies simply work better—meaning they deliver superior comfort.

For years at Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers our aim has been to reduce the environmental impact of the homes we build.  We’re personally committed to be more energy efficient and to follow environmentally friendly construction practices.  In addition to using construction methods that are easy on the environment, we also try to educate prospective customers about green building with information such as this free downloadable report: The Pros and Cons of Green Building.

Of course a comfortable, environmentally friendly home doesn’t just happen—even in Connecticut! Here’s a helpful post that walks you through some of the steps necessary to plan a comfortable home that uses less energy.

The good news about energy efficiency in Connecticut is we already have a good start. The even better news is you can take advantage of what we’ve learned and use our knowledge and expertise to build a Connecticut home that uses less energy and delivers even more comfort!