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Small Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

Small-Appliances-Every-Kitchen-Should-Have.jpgKitchens have always been the heart of the home, but modern kitchens can be so much more. They’re beautiful, functional masterpieces of design, and they have to be able to multitask like never before. Fortunately, there’s a bigger variety of gadgets, gizmos and appliances than ever, and you really can equip your dream kitchen for any activity or requirement.

Here is our (ever-evolving) list of must-have small appliances to take your custom kitchen from functional to amazing!

  • A high-quality stand mixer. Preferably one that offers a variety of attachment options for various functions. These kitchen powerhouses are a must for any foodie kitchen.
  • A programmable coffee maker. An appliance you can set at night for fresh coffee in the morning is a must – whether it’s simple and straightforward or a full-on café-style espresso and cappuccino maker.
  • A top-of-the-line immersion blender. You can’t go wrong with one of these. They tackle smoothies and soups with equally great results, and they’re one of the most versatile kitchen tools out there.
  • A food processor. Whether it’s a simple chopper and slicer or something more complex, a food processor is a marvel for taking the tears out of chopping onions and the elbow grease out of blending up a pesto. It will be a favorite in your designer kitchen.
  • A slow cooker. If you love home cooked, add this to your list of must-have appliances. Nothing else can help you create delicious, decadent, home-cooked meals with so little effort. It will almost certainly become one of your favorites in no time.
  • A workhorse microwave. Yes, they’ve been around for a long time, and yes, they’re not the sexiest appliances out there, but for quick defrosting and reheating, microwaves are still invaluable. If you get one with a convection feature, you could even cook in it! Just remember to stick to glass. Heating plastic never has healthy results!

Not Must-Haves, but Awesome Anyway!

There are a few items that didn’t make the must-have list but are still solid choices if you have the space in your professionally designed kitchen for them. These time-savers are a wonderful idea for busy families:

  • A bread maker. If you can set it, forget it and still have healthier, fresh-from-the-oven bread in the morning, there’s really not much not to love!
  • A juicer is another excellent choice. Bottled and prepackaged juices are okay, but you get more nutrients and more choices when you make your own!
  • Waffle irons and breakfast sandwich makers. Because brunch.
  • A vacuum sealer. They absolutely do work, and even if you’re only concerned about freezer burn on meats and other foods, they’re well worth the investment.
  • A panini press or electric tabletop grill. Having a small appliance you can use to whip up quicker, easier family meals is a treasure when you don’t feel like slaving over the stove.
  • An air “fryer.” It may not be an essential for some, but for the health benefits alone, it’s well worth considering.

Whichever small kitchen appliances you do buy for your home, be sure to buy the best quality you can afford. They’ll last longer, provide better results and look lovely on your brand new granite kitchen countertops.