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Trending Colors for Your 2023 Central CT Home Build or Remodel | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

Trending Colors for Your 2024 Central CT Home Build or Remodel

Building your brand new home or remodeling your home requires understanding the most current trends and an eye towards longevity. We want your home to feel beautiful and fresh as the day we handed you the keys. Sunwood has our eyes on the trend horizon so that you can make the perfect plan for your color choices for your home in 2024.

As residential contractors in central Connecticut for more than 35 years, we know how to balance trends and timelessness. Let’s tackle the color trends of 2024 together to tickle your creativity as you color in the home remodeling or new construction of your dreams.

Colors of the Year for 2024

2023 saw a kick of something new and stimulating. Pink and blush tones featured heavily as rich, warm, and decadent color palettes reigned supreme. This year, as is so often the case, the pendulum swings back to softer, cooler tones. The blues feature heavily in 2024, with the picks leaning towards a more serene, grounded, and contemplative ambiance. This change reflects a growing inclination towards interior spaces that serve as calming retreats from the outside world, emphasizing comfort, tranquility, and a deep connection with nature.

Behr: Cracked Pepper

Cracked Pepper by Behr offers an elegant, understated take on black. This soft, approachable shade provides a contemporary alternative to harsher blacks, perfect for creating sophisticated spaces that require a touch of modernity and depth without overwhelming the senses. This sophisticated soft black is ideal for creating contrast and depth. Use it in kitchens on cabinetry or as a statement color for your front door. It pairs beautifully with whites and greys for a chic monochromatic palette.

Behr: Cracked Pepper | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

Benjamin Moore: Blue Nova

Blue Nova from Benjamin Moore is a dynamic shade, reminiscent of the distant night sky, brings a sense of wonder and expansiveness to any space. It’s a color that encourages bold thinking and exploration, making it ideal for spaces designed to inspire and energize. This adventurous blue-violet can serve as a stunning accent wall in a living room or bedroom, creating a focal point that's both bold and inviting. Pair it with neutral furnishings and metallic accents for a modern, cosmopolitan look.

Blue Nova  | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

C2: Thermal

Thermal by C2 Paints is a soft, ethereal blue that seems to capture the lightness of the sky. It’s a color that brings an element of tranquility and openness, perfect for spaces that desire a touch of gentle vibrancy and an uplifting atmosphere. Apply this skylike, pale blue in spaces that benefit from a soft, punchy color, such as children's rooms or creative workspaces. Its gentle vibrancy inspires tranquility and creativity.

Thermal  | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

Dunn Edwards: Skipping Stones

 Skipping Stones by Dunn Edwards captures the essence of a tranquil sea breeze. This soothing blue has a laid-back, effortless quality, making it perfect for spaces that aim to be a haven of relaxation and peacefulness.  Utilize this cool, soft blue in well-lit areas such as sunrooms or breakfast nooks. It pairs excellently with warm whites and natural textures like linen or rattan, creating a relaxed, beachy vibe.

Skipping Stones  | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

Dutch Boy: Ironside

Ironside from Dutchboy is a rich, deep olive tone that envelops spaces in a cocoon of comfort and serenity. This color is reminiscent of a lush forest canopy, perfect for creating an atmosphere of natural tranquility and grounding energy. Use it in a study or den, complemented with rich leathers and dark woods, or in a bedroom with gold or brass accents for a touch of luxury.

Ironside  | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

Glidden: Limitless

Limitless from Glidden is a warm, inviting beige that defies traditional color boundaries. It’s a chameleon in the paint world, capable of enhancing a variety of design aesthetics with its subtle yet impactful presence. This versatile honey beige can be used in larger areas, including living rooms or hallways, where its warmth and neutrality provide a welcoming feel. It's also great for creating a cozy and inviting bedroom when paired with soft lighting and plush textiles.

Limitless  | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

Pantone 2023: Viva Magenta

We won't know about Pantone's 2024 color of the year for a few more weeks. Let's take a moment to meditate on the biggest, juiciest, splash of warm color from 2023, Viva Magenta. This pop of deep pinky red fed our need for luxurious fun and looked fabulous as a pop of color or a daring star.

Viva Magenta  | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

Sherwin Williams: Upward

Sherwin-Williams' Upward is a gentle whisper of blue, infused with understated gray tones. This color embodies a breath of fresh air, offering a light and calming presence. It's ideal for spaces that seek to create a serene, airy, and tranquil environment. The light blue with grey undertones of Upward is perfect for spaces that require calmness, like bedrooms and bathrooms. It works well with natural wood tones and white trim, giving a clean, airy feel.

Upward  | Sunwood Home Builders and Remodelers

Exterior Home Colors for 2024

When it comes to incorporating the 2024 Colors of the Year into your home's exterior, it's about striking a balance between trendiness and timelessness. For a bold statement, consider using Blue Nova on your front door or shutters, which can add a pop of adventurous spirit against more neutral siding. The deep, earthy Ironside is an excellent choice for exterior accent walls, especially when paired with crisp white trims, lending a sophisticated yet inviting feel. For those preferring subtler touches, the soft elegance of Limitless or the serene touch of Upward can be used for porch ceilings or window frames, creating a harmonious and welcoming exterior. Cracked Pepper, with its muted black charm, can beautifully accentuate architectural details or be used in outdoor fixtures to add depth and modern flair.

Common Themes of the Colors of the Year for 2024

The Colors of the Year for 2024 reflect a fascinating blend of tranquility, depth, and natural inspiration, highlighting several common themes.

  1. Embracing Nature: Many of the chosen colors draw inspiration from the natural world. From the serene blues reminiscent of sky and water to the earthy tones of olive and beige, there's a clear nod to the outdoors. These colors suggest a move towards design that connects more closely with nature and creates a sense of calm and grounding in living spaces.

  2. Sophisticated Neutrality: The trend towards sophisticated and muted colors continues, with an emphasis on making spaces feel both elegant and effortlessly comfortable. Colors like Cracked Pepper and Limitless redefine what it means to be neutral, offering hues that are both understated and rich in depth. These shades provide a versatile backdrop for a variety of design styles, from minimalistic to more opulent.

  3. Tranquil and Soothing Tones: There's a notable lean towards colors that evoke tranquility and peace. Light blues and soft beiges are prominent, creating environments that feel like a sanctuary from the fast pace of the outside world. These colors are perfect for spaces designed for relaxation, contemplation, and rejuvenation.

  4. Depth and Intensity: Alongside the softer tones, there's a play with deeper, more intense colors that add a sense of drama and sophistication. These richer hues, like Blue Nova and Ironside, are used to create focal points in a room, lending an air of luxury and boldness.

  5. Versatility and Adaptability: The Colors of the Year for 2024 also emphasize versatility. The selected shades are not just beautiful but also highly adaptable, capable of fitting into various decor styles and color palettes. This adaptability reflects a broader trend in interior design towards spaces that can evolve over time, adapting to changing tastes and needs.

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