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6 Critical Factors for Remodeling Success

6-Critical-Factors-for-Remodeling-Success.jpgWhether you’ve just bought a home that you’re looking to put your own stamp on, or are considering going through the remodeling process on a home you’ve lived in for years, one of the best remodeling tips we can give you is that the overall success of your project is related to a few key factors – many of which happen long before the walls come down or the new materials go in. Here are our top drivers of remodeling process success. How many have you checked off your list? 

  1. Careful budgeting. Wherever your funds are coming from, it’s important to know exactly how much you can afford. Never allocate your full budget, either. Always keep 5 to 10 percent of the full amount in reserve for contingencies, as there are usually hidden costs when remodeling that should be planned for.  
  2. Detailed planning. For your remodeling project to be a success, every detail needs to be planned out, placed onto detailed drawings, permitted, pre-approved and specified. Before any contractors set foot in your home, you need to know what is happening, what materials and finishes are being used and every other detail of your plan. Make sure it’s all written down (and in detail, too), so that everyone has a clear picture of what is required.  
  3. Choosing a contractor carefully. A huge factor in the success of your remodeling project is choosing the right contractor. Make sure they have enough crews and staff available to tackle your project, as well as experience in the type of remodeling you’re doing.  And check their references, certifications and licensing, at a minimum. Remember to look for qualities in a remodeler that fit your values and desired work style.
  4. Realistic programming of work. It’s normal to want your remodeling project to be completed as soon as possible. It’s not realistic to expect it to happen overnight. Before you start the process, sit down with your contractor, go through the plans and draw up a detailed and realistic project program so you know what to expect.  
  5. Regular communication. Being on site every day, asking questions and interrupting work will slow down the process of remodeling, but frequent communications are still critical to project success. Consider setting up weekly or biweekly on-site meetings with your contractor’s foreman or site manager to discuss issues that need to be addressed so the project stays on track.  
  6. Patience. Great remodeling does not happen overnight. One of the most important remodeling tips we can give you is to exercise a little patience.  Try not to rush the project, as much as you want your house back to yourself. When construction projects are rushed, mistakes happen and attention to detail can be lost. If you want a renovation you can be proud of, you need to give it a little time.

If you apply these remodeling tips to your project, you should find that the end result is worth the money, time and effort it takes to get there. Good luck, and if you need more tips or advice on your remodel, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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