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You Want To Build Your CT Home Out Of What? A Look At Some New “Green” Building Materials

You Want To Build Your CT Home Out Of What A Look At Some New Green Building MaterialsWe all remember the story about the three little pigs that built houses to protect themselves from the Big Bad Wolf. Even as kids we knew that anybody building a house out of straw was asking for trouble. What a poor choice of building materials, right? Oh how things have changed!

It turns out that the second little pig might have been onto something after all. Maybe straw wouldn’t keep the Big Bad Wolf at bay, but it might actually have significant value as a “green” building material—at least according to the folks over at, who compiled a list of 10 cutting-edge, energy-efficient building materials.  You can read their description of the newest trends in environmental building materials, but we’ll give you a quick overview here.

10. Recycled steel

9. Insulating concrete forms

8. Plant-based polyurethane rigid foam

7. Straw bales (see, that third pig knew what he was doing)

6. Cool roofing

5. Structural insulated panels

4. Recycled wood/plastic composite lumber

3. Low-E windows

2. Vacuum insulation panel

1. Earth (also called “rammed earth” or adobe)

So what does this mean if you’re planning to build a new home in the Wallingford, Meriden or Middletown area? Should you start hunting down these materials on your own? Should you insist that your builder use them?

Bear in mind that these are “cutting-edge” materials. Some of them have already proved themselves to be effective and attractive (Low-E windows, for example). Others are still in the stage of being tested and tried—and the jury is still out.

What it signals is that new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies are surfacing all the time. You’ll want to stay informed about new developments, but you’ll also want to work with a builder who is tracking these things—and can advise you about the feasibility (and even affordability) of some of these solutions.

At Sunwood, we’re serious about building environmentally conscious homes that also deliver the beauty, comfort and value you’re looking for. We stay on top of the new trends so that we can guide you as you plan the home of your dreams. That’s one reason we offer a Free Design Consultation—with no obligation on your part. We’ll help build the house you’ll be pleased to call home!