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Take a Look Inside our Ridgeview Model Home in Middletown!

Want the inside scoop take a tour of our Ridgeview modelFloor plans and artist’s renditions of the outside of a home may be great for getting a sense of the layout and whether or not the home has the right configuration of space. But if you’re like a lot of potential homebuyers, just looking at floor plans doesn’t give you a real sense for the potential living quality a future home has to offer. 

Walking through a finished (but empty) home, may be a step up—and give you more of a feel for how (or if) a particular floor plan might work for your family. But sometimes the stark walls and echoing floors just don’t convey how it could really feel to live in a home.

Want the inside scoop take a tour of our Ridgeview model 2That’s the whole idea behind model homes. Sure, it’s a chance for builders like us to showcase our skills. But it’s also a great way to get a more realistic impression of whether or not the home you’re thinking about it the right fit for you.

What does it really feel like to sit in the dining room and look into the great room? How does the kitchen tie into the rest of the floor plan on the main level? Sure, it’s nice to have bedrooms upstairs and living space downstairs—but is it enough separation? Is it too much? 

Want the inside scoop take a tour of our Ridgeview model 3A model home gives you a chances to see (and feel) for yourself how the whole home comes together.

But what if you don’t have time to drive around to every open house and model home in the area? Not a problem! While you’re always welcome to visit one of our model homes in person, you also have the option of taking a virtual tour.

If you’re considering a new home in Middletown, you’ll want to take an inside look at what Sunwood Development can offer you in Ridgeview. So come on in and take a virtual tour. (You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas to do it!) If you like what you see, you can always drive over for a “hands-on” visit.

Why settle for a view from the outside when you can take an inside look at a great New England style home at your convenience?

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