Kitchen Trends That Will Last

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It’s fun to take a look at the latest homebuilding or home remodeling trends. Not long ago we wrote about what appear to be some of the hottest home trends for 2018.

Chances are, however, that you don’t want to be changing things up all the time. When it comes to creating a new kitchen for your Central Connecticut home (whether that’s building a new home or remodeling your existing home), you’ll most likely want to focus on features that will continue to look good and meet your needs for years to come. Here’s a look at some kitchen trends that will last. 

Focus on Functionality: There are different kinds of trends when it comes to kitchens. Some tend to pay more attention to visual trends. That would include things such as colors, cabinet styles and finishes, light fixtures, and countertop materials. Those are important considerations, but the actual layout or design of your kitchen is every bit as important (if not more). You really want to have a kitchen that is designed around your lifestyle.  Here’s a helpful article that helps you figure out how to do that. 

Open Floor Plans: Open layouts aren’t exactly new, but they aren’t about to go away anytime soonThey’ve gained in popularity because of homeowners’ desire for informal dining and entertaining. Open plans make it possible to prepare meals and entertain at the same time. They also have the potential to make even smaller kitchens and dining areas feel larger. 

Counter-Height Islands: As is the case with open floor plans, kitchen islands aren’t a completely new idea. One shift, however, is the increasing use of islands that are exactly the same height as the kitchen counters. That makes the island even more versatile. Not only can homeowners enjoy a casual meal in the kitchen, but when the island is the same height as the other countertops, it adds considerable space for food preparation when needed. 

LED Lights: You may think of kitchen lighting as more of a décor choice, but there is a significant utilitarian function here. Today's LED lighting is much warmer and friendlier than it was just a few years ago. That means it can be used in additional ways in the kitchen. And because these lights are so much more efficient (and last longer) than conventional iridescent, fluorescent, or halogen fixtures, you don't have to worry about running up your electrical bill when you use them. You can add under-counter lights to make food preparation easier. You can also add task lighting (over a chopping block, for instance). And, thanks to improvements that have been made, you can use them for ambient lighting to set a mood. 

Induction Cook Tops: Induction cooking is actually a newer trend—at least in the United States. Induction cooktops are faster, safer, and quite pleasing to look at. Because only the pans heat, you don't have a lot of unwanted heat in the kitchen. They are also very responsive (much like cooking on a gas stove). Another advantage is that you won't need a large range hood (and it would appear that from a décor point of view, that range hoods are on their way out).  

Deep Drawers Replacing Shelves: Traditionally, lower kitchen cabinets tended to be set up with shelving. That made it difficult to reach items at the back of the shelf (particularly when bending over). The trend these days is to install lower cabinets that have deep drawers instead. That enables you to pull the drawers out for easy access to items at the back.  

A Shift in Sinks: There seems to be an increasing emphasis on function when it comes to kitchen sinksPersonal preferences may vary, but the trend seems to be toward larger, deeper sinks that have a single bowl That design helps contain splashes and also accommodates large pots and pans that need to be washed by hand. 

No matter what direction kitchen trends take there’s one issue that always seems to remain: Keeping things neat and organized in the kitchen. Even the greatest looking kitchen—with the most up-to-date cabinets, fixtures, and colors—won’t look it’s best if your kitchen is cluttered with “stuff.” Click here for a look at 7 ways you can keep your kitchen well organized 

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