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5 Benefits of Building a CT Custom Home

5-Benefits-of-Building-a-CT-Custom-HomeThere are pros and cons to everything in life, and building a CT custom home is no exception. We’re sure you’ve heard many of the disadvantages of buying a new home compared with a pre-owned one, but we’re not sure the benefits get as much airtime as they should.

So here are 5 benefits you count on realizing.

Benefit #1: Control

The most obvious benefit is that you get to control every detail (almost, anyway) about the new home, such as:


  • Choice of site
  • Direction the home faces
  • Size of the building
  • Floor plan
  • Finishes 

It’s more than that, however. Which brings us to #2.

Benefit #2: Individuality

Every homeowner has lived in a home at some point where he (or she) has wished something was different. Sometimes it’s possible to make the necessary modifications to get it the way you want it, on other occasions it’s less so. Building a CT custom home gives you the opportunity to create a “one-of-a-kind” home that is unique to your particular taste. It incorporates your choices, however unusual they may be, and caters completely to the style preferences of you and your family. 

Benefit #3: Green Options

Going environmentally friendly means more these days than just using low-amp light globes. With all the green options available to homeowners, such as passive solar energy, environmental design and other energy-efficient features, building a custom home is the ideal chance to employ as many of these as you can. Not only will you feel good about your environmental footprint, but you’ll achieve energy savings and a greater return on your investment over the long term. Retrofitting an existing home for these options costs a lot more than building the home the right way from the start. 

Benefit #4: Special Needs

If anyone in your home has special needs, or you’re using universal design with a view to aging in place, building a CT custom home is the perfect time to include features such as wider doorways, single-level layouts, chair lifts and walk-in bathtubs. You can prepare for present as well as future needs without it costing you extra to renovate at a later stage. And if you don’t end up staying in the home, you’ll get a greater resale value as a result of these features than you would without them. 

Benefit #5: Resale Value

Speaking of resale value, many of the areas available for building a CT custom home are managed by homeowner associations. This helps to protect the resale values, because buyers know the homes are required to be maintained according to protocols and aren’t likely to be nests of hidden problems. This isn’t the case in older areas, however, where buyers often take “pot luck” when it comes to buying a pre-owned home. You’ll need to keep—and produce—all the receipts to show what work you’ve had done in order to recoup all your renovation expenditure at resale. 

Apart from these benefits, you have the pleasure of being the first and only inhabitant of your new home, which makes it truly new—not just for you.

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