The Quick Guide to Home Security

Posted by Bob Wiedenmann

Home security is a growing concern, no matter where you happen to live. Everyone wants the assurance that their home is safe and secure, but at the same time, you want your home security systems to be unobtrusive and virtually invisible.

The good news is that there are a few low and high tech measures you can take to make your home safer for your family. Here are a few homeowner tips to help you make smart security decisions:

Low Tech Yard Security Tips

One of the most important things when it comes to security in your yard is to maintain visibility. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed, and install lighting to prevent accidents in dimly lit areas of your yard. Solar lighting works well in summer, but if your yard is large, you might want to consider hard-wired lighting.

Another great option for home security (and your family!) is to get a dog. They are still one of the best early warning systems out there, and since they are part of the family too, you get lots of fringe benefits.

Window Security

One of the simplest methods of securing lower level windows is to fit them with anti-lift devices, so that they cannot be opened enough for a person to get into your home from outside. These devices are the ideal solution, because they still allow egress in the event of a fire. Avoid trellises that may be climbed near upstairs windows if you are concerned about security on the second floor too.

Door Locks and Keys

Relying on your door lock alone can be risky. It is better to install a second lock or deadbolt in addition to the handle lock, if your home does not already have one.

Another good security measure is to never leave a spare key hidden outside of your home. That is asking for trouble, and most burglars will search for hidden keys before they ever try to break a window. Rather leave a spare key with a neighbor, or install a keypad style lock on one of your exterior doors.

Smart Home Security

Finally, if you want to be sure that your home is secure, there are many affordable smart home security systems that you can access from a smart phone or tablet to monitor access or threats.  Usually local security provider will contact law enforcement in the event of a break in. Many of these can be managed from anywhere in the world, and many include additional safety features, like smoke and fire alarms, nanny cameras, or even automated access gates.

Most electronic home security systems are offered at a lower rate if you sign up for a security package with a monthly subscription, but if you are thinking of installing automatic gates or garage door openers, it might be worth enquiring about installing the security system at the same time. There are companies that offer both, and you may be able to avoid being locked into one security supplier this way.

If you do opt for a smart home security system, make sure that your family all know the passwords and key codes, and in the event that you are subjected to a home invasion, and your security company calls, remember to give them the wrong code. They will automatically send someone to investigate, and you will not raise any alarms while they do.


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