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12 Reasons to Move to Wallingford, Connecticut

With a population below 50,000, Wallingford, Connecticut may be a small city, but there are many great reasons to call Wallingford home.

If you’re considering moving to Connecticut or just looking to change ZIP codes, then there are several reasons to choose this centrally located little city. Here are 12 of the best ones:

  1. Founded in 1670, Wallingford has a lot of history, and it shows! There are many interesting historic sites to visit in this little city, and whether it’s historic pubs, cemeteries or shopping areas that pique your interest, you will find them here. Touring some of Wallingford’s historic buildings can be fascinating. Click here to check out some of these landmark buildings that date back to 1701

  2. Since Wallingford is almost exactly the geographical center of the state of Connecticut, it is literally close to everything. Its location near most major highways makes Wallingford a terrific place to use as a springboard not only to Connecticut attractions, but also the many tourist activities in neighboring states!

  3. You may not know it yet, but Wallingford is on the Connecticut wine trail and boasts three of its own wineries: Gouveia Vineyards, Paradise Hills Vineyard, and Southern Connecticut Wine Company.

  4. The Wallingford school district is one of the best in the area, which makes this city an incredible choice for families. In fact, some of the schools in Wallingford have been home to Hollywood stars and even American presidents and presidential candidates!

  5. Wallingford has superior transport options, as well. In addition to train service to New York and other major attractions in the region, the city has a superb “walkability” score. Click here to check out the train schedules from the Wallingford station.

  6. Golfers will love Wallingford, too, as the city offers three high-quality, well-designed and popular golf courses: Farms Country Club; Pilgrim Harbor Golf; and Tradition Golf Club.

  7. Music lovers from around the world know the Oakdale Theater, which was founded in 1957 and has hosted major names in music from Led Zeppelin to Lady Gaga. Click here to check out the current schedule of events at the Oakdale Theatre.

  8. Wallingford offers top-notch health care options and providers (including Gaylord Hospital and Masonicare Health Center), as well as senior care facilities, which means you can move the whole family to the city!

  9. Wallingford boasts many parks, recreation facilities, green spaces and outdoor facilities for the family.

  10. The property taxes in Wallingford are lower than many other parts of the state. According to Wallingford’s average tax rate is 2.123 percent. That reduces the overall cost of living in the city.

  11. Wallingford is also its own power producer, meaning that the city experiences a far lower incidence of electrical disturbances or power failures.

  12. Finally, residents of Wallingford enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the region, making the city a safer place to raise a family.

The city of Wallingford may be relatively small, but there are a lot of desirable features in that smaller package, and it’s definitely an excellent choice for families looking to relocate or even those who want to age in place in serene surroundings. Whether it’s s a brand new custom home or a historic fixer-upper, you really can’t go wrong when you choose this town!

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