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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words—Except When It's Not!

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So You Have a Lot… What Now?

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Show Me the Picture! Using Photos to Help Your CT Custom Builder Understand What You Want

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Should You Build or Remodel on Connecticut?

5 Tips for Designing a Forever Home

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Do You See What I See? Tapping into Your Builder's Expertise When Remodeling Your CT Home.

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New Year, New Yard: Landscaping Ideas for 2016

Is Compromising With Your Builder Good or Bad?

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2 Big Budget-Busting Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your CT Home

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Energy Efficiency in Your CT Home: The Good News and the Better News

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Home Structure: What You Need to Know

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Help with Making Those Tricky Decisions That Come with Building a Custom CT Home

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How to Turn New Developments into Communities

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Understanding Pricing Fluctuations in Your Area

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Homeowner Nightmares: Dealing with Mold

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9 Creative Backsplash Ideas to Consider for your CT Home

Building Homes and Building Community: North Branford Food Drive and Ice Cream Social

The Quick Guide to Home Security

Home Devices That Actually Make Life Better

6 Ideas to Update Your Mantel

Decision-making in the Custom Home Design Process: Here’s Help!

Contingency Plans: Why They Matter, and How to Ensure You’re Covered

Looking For a CT Home That Reflects Your Character?

4 Tips for Survivinga Major Renovation on Your CT Home

Examples of Scope Creep: A New or Remodeled Wallingford Home

Will You Over-Spend Your Budget on Your Custom Home?

How Your Connecticut Custom Home Values Differ Based on Age: Early 30s, Early 40s. . .

Managing Information Overload: How Do I Research my Custom Home?

Boring Things That Matter a Lot in Your Middletown Custom Home: Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC

Everybody Spends Money on a New Home—But Where You Spend It Makes a Big Difference

Halloween Your Wallingford Home this Fall with Indoor and Outdoor Décor Ideas

The History of Cobblestones, and Their Use in Paving for Your Connecticut Home

10 Minutes That Can Put Your New Homebuilding Concerns Into Perspective

Insulation Options for Your Wallingford Finished Basement

Kitchen Colors That Will Hold Their Appeal

Choosing Roofing Styles for a New Middletown Custom Home

If You’re Longing for Wide Open Spaces in Northford . . .

Take Affordable Storage Seriously in Your Wallingford Kitchen

Building a New CT Home: When “Standard” is Exceptional

Build a Boy's Basketball Bedroom in Your Connecticut Home

Multi-tasking Rooms? Getting the Most Out of Your Space

Making a Grand Entrance: 4 Ideas for Revamping Your Connecticut Home Entryway

And Baby Makes Three: Design the Perfect Middletown Baby Nursery

Who, What, When, Where, and Why: Key Questions for Individuals Looking to Build a New CT Home

All About Insulation: It’s Not Just for Winter! “Summerize” Your Wallingford Custom Home

Divine Decking: Design Ideas for Your Middletown Custom Home

Marble Countertops for Your CT Home? What You Should Know.

Royal Oaks: When You’re Looking for a Perfect Combination of Space and Intimacy

Wicked Walls – How to Choose Your Connecticut Color Palette

Calculating the Real Cost of Buying New Versus Existing: More Than Meets The Eye

5 Tips for Beautiful Bathrooms in Your Connecticut Custom Home

Magic of Mirrors in a Wallingford Custom Home

Mix and Match Finishes for Your New CT Home

What Does an “Exclusive” Neighborhood mean to you? Check Out The Homes at Royal Oaks

Bedroom Basics: Choosing the Right Wall Treatments for Your Middletown Master Bedroom

Multigenerational Family? Include These Facilities in Your Wallingford Home

Upstairs/Downstairs: Where Do You Want Your Bedrooms in your new CT Home?

Building a Great Energy-efficient Home in CT Begins with Great Planning

Making the Most of a Middletown Attic Space

Outdoors Oriented? Make the Most of Your Middletown Home's Options

New Home Building Process: Why Change Orders Matter

Explore Two Great New Communities in the Wallingford Area

Make a Playroom from Unused Space in Your Wallingford Custom Home

Want a Really Great Kitchen in Your New Wallingford Home? Think Beyond the Sink!

4 Really Smart Storage Space Ideas for Your New Connecticut Custom Home

Is It Still a Bathroom If There’s No Bath?

Open-Plan vs. Traditional: How to Choose Between Them for a Middletown Custom Home

Is a Formal Wallingford Dining Room a Good Investment?

How to Pick the Right Kitchen Countertops for a Middletown Custom Home

Which Room in Your CT Home Is Most Important to You?

Connecticut Home Renovation: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Living Room Wall Color

Taking the Stairs (Literally!) in Your Middletown Custom Home

Like the Look of Classic Homes But Still Want Comfort and Convenience in Connecticut?

Grimy Guest Room in Wallingford? Give It a Makeover

If Now Isn’t the Right Time to Buy in Wallingford, Is Camping Out Your Only Option?

Purposeful Powder Rooms in Middletown: What's the Return?

What’s New in Wonderful Old Wallingford?

5 Ways to Avoid Over-Capitalizing in Your Wallingford Home Remodel

When Single-Level Living Makes Sense

Maintenance Magic: These Critical Projects Will Save You Home Renovation Costs

Open But Well-Defined

Windows Gone Wild: Exciting Window Trends for Your CT Home Remodel

Transformational Ideas for Your Connecticut Kitchen

How to Choose the Right Neighborhood for Your Wallingford Custom Home

Planning Your CT Home: A Tale of Two Entries

Moving to Meriden? Everything You Need to Know About Building Your Dream Home

5 Benefits of Building a CT Custom Home

Advantages of Owning a Sunwood Home

How to Design a Wallingford Custom Home That Offers Good ROI

Energy-Efficient Home Design for Central Connecticut Homes

4 Steps to a Well-Planned Kitchen in Your Middletown Custom Home

Planning to Work From Home? Here Are Some Essentials for a Great Home Office.

How to Incorporate Passive Energy Into Your Meriden Home Remodel

What’s On Your Wish List for That “Most Personal” of Rooms?

Are You Embarrassed to Entertain in Your Wallingford Home?

Which Wallingford Renovation Projects Deliver the Best Remodeling ROI?

Planning for Comfort and Convenience: The Importance of Your Custom Home’s Floor Plan

Glorious Garages: Make the Most of Your Garage in Wallingford

Tips for Planning a Media Room in Your Middletown Custom Home

Building Your CT Custom Home: The Location Part of the Equation

Essentials for Custom Homebuilding Success in CT: Selecting the Right Team

How Universal Design Extends to Your Meriden Home Lighting Plan

How to Make 'Zones' Work in Your Wallingford Custom Home

Building a Custom CT Home? Begin With a Budget

The Not-So-Dramatic Entrance to Your New CT Custom Home

Buying a home in Connecticut? You Must Know This

A Few Tips for Selling Your CT Home in the Winter

“Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Secrets of an Outstanding Kitchen Remodel in Wallingford

What’s On Your Wish List for Your CT Custom Home?

Focus on What Really Matters for Your CT Custom Home: 6 Essentials

How to Save Money On any Meriden Home Renovation Project

Things to Remember When Remodeling Your Whole House in Connecticut

What Makes a Custom CT Home “Custom”?

Where You Live Matters—and So Does What You Build!

When It Might Be OK to Go Over Budget on Your New CT Home

Small Bathroom, Big Family? Here Are a Few Ways To Add Space

Connecticut Home Remodeling: More Than Money In and Money Out

6 Steps to a Greener CT Custom Home

What You Don't Know About Hardwood Flooring Can Hurt You

The Secret to Curb Appeal When Selling in Middletown

Connecticut Custom Homes: When “Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough

Where Are CT Home Prices Headed And What Does That Mean For You?

Is your Middletown home really ready for the holidays?

Remodeling Your Connecticut Home is More Than Cosmetic: It Adds Value!

What Color Should Your Kitchen Be?

Open Floor Plan—The Right Type For You? 5 Ways For Middletown Buyers To Know

Use Your iPad To Build Your New Home In Middletown? With Sunwood, You Can Do That

Floor Plan Of the Week: The Oak at Ridgeview Offers Spacious 4-Bedroom Living

Floorplan of the Week: The Juniper at Ridgeview Has Convenience and Comfort

Free! Free! Free! Design Secrets From a Sunwood Middletown Model Home

Floorplan of the Week: The Cedar at Ridgeview for Upstairs/Downstairs Living

5 Signs Your Middletown Neighbor Needs a Referral For a Contractor

Looking To Remodel in Middletown? Here’s What To Spend On—And What Not To

Take a Look Inside our Ridgeview Model Home in Middletown!

Foundation Crack in Your Middletown House? Here’s What To Do

Add Extra Space Without Big Costs By Converting Your Middletown Porch Into a Sunroom

Middletown Floor Plan Of the Week: The Spruce at Ridgeview Offers Spacious Colonial Living

3 Reasons You DON’T Want a Discount On Middletown Contractor Fees

Working With a Middletown Contractor: How To Get the Most For Your Money

Middletown Floor Plan Of the Week: The Rosewood at Ridgeview

Pay Attention To These 2 Things In Your Middletown Bathroom Remodel

When It Comes to Choosing Your Middletown Builder, Are You Enough of a Detective?

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Brand-new Home in Middletown

There’s More to Ridgeview in Middletown Than Just Great Ridge Views

Why You Should Buy a Newly Built Home in Middletown

Have Custom Homebuilding or Remodeling Questions? Ask a Middletown Expert!

3 More Best-Kept Secrets of Middletown Remodeling Experts

The Best-Kept Secrets of Middletown Remodeling Experts

Custom Homebuilding: Which Way Is Right For You in Middletown?

“That’s so smart!” Bathroom remodeling ideas for Wallingford homeowners

Building Your Wallington-area Custom Home: Sometimes it’s What You Don’t See That Makes All the Difference

Selling your home? Increase Your Home's Value with These Small Repairs

55+ and Building for a Bright Future in Middletown

Looking to Sell? Remember Curb Appeal!

Sometimes the Best Place to Start Your Custom Homebuilding or Remodeling Project is on the Phone

Every Connecticut homeowner should know about these 2 potential dangers in an older or historical home

Reduce the stress of remodeling--by doing it in the summertime

What’s the Point of a Custom Home That Looks Like Everyone Else’s?

Make sure your home is ready for summer with these 6 tips

Feeling Bottled Up By Custom Floor Plans That Aren’t Quite Right?

4 cool vintage touches to add to your remodeling project

5 unexpected and awesome renovation ideas

Have You Tamed the 500-lb Gorilla in Your CT Home?

What Makes a Ridgeview Middletown Home Special? See for Yourself!

Why CT Homeowners Win When Builders Earn Awards

Smart home design for families with kids

Tiny house? Here’s What You Can Do About It

What a Water Feature Will Bring to Your Home

Reasons For Installing a Stone Kitchen Floor

How do You Want to Build Your Home in Wallingford?

Should You Buy Tile for Your Outdoor Kitchen or Patio?

Ridgeview: Classic Colonial Style Homes with Views to Live For

Why to Choose a Stone Floor

Why the Last Thing You Look at in a Custom Home Should Be Higher on Your List

Custom Designs For Your Home Library

What Makes a Connecticut Custom Home Custom?

Fall in Love With a Floor Plan for Your Wallington Area Custom Home?

Secrets of a Professionally Designed Kitchen

4 ways to live through your kitchen remodeling project

The sneaky remodeling secret that do-it-yourselfers often miss… and pay for it later

Living as an Active Adult in Middletown

From Dreaming to Doing: Making Your Wallington-area Custom Home a Reality

Why a floor plan matters – a lot – for your renovation or new home

Smart Storage Options To Double Your Available Space

Hartford-Area Home Living: Upgrade or Move Out?

How to Choose the Right Lot for Your New CT Home

5 Remarkable Custom-Built Homes To Give You Ideas

Classic Meets Modern in Middletown

Do You Have to Use Your Builder’s Plan to Build Your Custom Home?

3 Great Ways a Kitchen Remodel Boosts Your Home’s Value

3 Exciting Flooring Trends You Should Know About

Custom Home Services: What “Custom” Really Means

Taking Green Into the Shower

3 More Things You Should Look For When Buying a Fixer-Upper

Surprising Ways To Make a Small Kitchen Bigger During a Renovation

Hidden House Problems That Cost You While Remodeling

Preparing Yourself For a Major Remodeling Project

3 Tips For Building Your Own New Home

The 4 Toughest Decisions To Make When Remodeling Your CT Kitchen

What Does a CT Custom Home Really Look Like?

2 Common Delays When Building a Custom Home In CT

7 Cost-Saving Tips For a 2014 Remodeling Project In Wallingford

How Do You Like to Learn About Homebuilding And Remodeling?

4 Forgotten Questions When Planning Your CT Home

4 Signs It’s Time For a Change In Your CT-Area Home

Form Or Function? What’s More Important For Your CT Kitchen Remodel?

Do You Need a Contractor To Properly Winterize Your Home? Part 2

Do You Need a Contractor To Properly Winterize Your CT Home? Part 1

Middletown Bathroom Remodeling: How To Get Your Kids EXCITED About Taking a Bath

5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing a CT Builder

Not a Fan Of CT Utility Rates? What Can You Do About It?

Middletown Attic Remodeling – What You Need To Know, Part 2

Middletown Attic Remodeling – What You Need To Know, Part 1

Is It Time For a Heart Transplant? Remodeling the Kitchen In Your CT Home

What’s Your Role In the Homebuilding Or Remodeling Process?

Wallingford Bathroom Remodeling: How an Interior Designer Can Help Your Bathroom Remodel

CT New Homes: When We Aren’t the Best Homebuilder For You

CT Custom Home Builder: Buying a Dream House Versus a 5-Year Investment?

CT building trends: How To Take Your Kitchen Remodel Up a Notch With an Interior Designer

Is It Just Me Or Is It Getting Cramped In Here? What To Do When You Need More Space In Your Middletown Home

Middletown Remodeling Tips: What’s Missing From Your Bedroom Remodel?

Thinking Outside the (Home) Box: Planning For the Property Around Your Middletown Home

Does It Matter If Your CT Builder Is an “Award-Winning” Builder?

Your Guide to Wallingford Schools

Advice From a CT Custom Home Builder About Moving To Wallingford: Cost Of Living In Real Terms

Balancing Emotions And Decisions in the Home Design/Remodeling Process

CT Custom Home Builder Advice For Moving To Wallingford

Online Resources For Building Your Dream House

Why Wallingford Is a Great Place To Live If You Have Kids

Buying a Dream House Or a Five-Year Investment: What Should I Consider?

Why Building In Wallingford Is Better Than Buying

Questions To Ask Before Looking At a Model Home

Aging In Place Remodeling In Connecticut: Universal Design For the Bedroom

Cheshire Remodeling Tips: The Seven Best Autumn Remodeling Projects, Part 2

Cheshire Remodeling Tips: The Seven Best Autumn Remodeling Projects, Part 1

North Haven Remodeling Tips: Three Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Welcome To the Common Sense Connecticut Kitchen

Bigger Or Smaller: Looking Behind Housing Trends In Connecticut

Why Now Is a Good Time To Start Your Connecticut Home Remodeling Project

Continuing Education For Building a Home In Durham, Newington, North Branford or Northford

Wallingford Green Remodeling: 4 Creative Ideas For Green Home Remodeling, Part 2

Wallingford Green Remodeling: 4 Creative Ideas For Green Home Remodeling, Part 1

Building a Custom Home In CT Is More Than Just Buying a House

CT Whole House Remodeling: Mistakes That Bad Contractors Make When Installing Hardwood Floors, Part 3

What Kind Of CT Community Fits Your Lifestyle?

You Want To Build Your CT Home Out Of What? A Look At Some New “Green” Building Materials

CT Whole House Remodeling: Mistakes That Bad Contractors Make When Installing Hardwood Floors, Part 2

How Green Do You Want to Be? Shades of Green For Your CT Home

CT Whole House Remodeling: Mistakes That Bad Contractors Make When Installing Hardwood Floors, Part 1

CT Homeowner Tips: Why Smaller Homes Benefit From Outdoor Kitchens

Unique Porches And Wallingford Exterior Remodeling: Southern-Inspired Open Spaces

Grungy To Gorgeous – Turn Your Wallingford Garage Into Something This Summer

CT Homeowner Tips: A Different Way To Shower

Wasn’t This the Summer You Were Going To Replace Your Wallingford Deck?

2 Summer Remodeling Projects For Your Wallingford Area Home

Building Your CT Custom Home: Sometimes It’s What You Don’t See That Matters Most

Building Your CT Custom Home: Breaking the Building Process Down Into Bite-Sized Pieces

CT Homeowner Tips: Insulation, Part II - Insulation Products And Where They Work Best

CT Homeowner Tips: Insulation, Part I – Insulation Products And Where They Work Best

Wallingford Attic Remodeling: Tricks And Fixed For Bad Ventilation

Why Ventilation Matters To Connecticut Homeowners

Keeping Cool In an Older Connecticut Home With Air Conditioning

Big Or Small Change? Remodeling Your CT Home

The Smart Way To Save On Building Your New CT Home

Benefits Of Working With a Certified CT Builder

Looking For the Home Of the Future? It May Already Be Here In Connecticut

5 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom In Wallingford More Spacious

A Beginner's Guide To Planning a Home Addition In Wallingford

How To Make Mother-in-Law Suites More Accessible In Wallingford

Building a New Home In Meriden: What’s It Really Going To Look Like?

How To Do More Than Survive a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Connecticut Homebuilding And Remodeling: What Headlines May Not Tell You

Celebrate National Remodeling Month With a Gift To Yourself!

Local Or National Builder: What’s the Best Choice For Your New Connecticut Home?

3 Things Seniors Should Do With Their Kitchen

3 Tips To Turn Your Wallingford Basement Into the Perfect Home Office

5 Design Features For Families That Cook Together

6 Questions Every Homeowner Must Answer During a Remodel

The Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Flooring

Going Green In Your Connecticut Home This Spring

Helping You Make Your CT House a Home

Spring Can Bring a New Perspective On Your Connecticut Home

Look Before You Leap: Checking Out The Neighborhood Before Building Your CT Home

First Steps To Building In Wallingford, Meriden And Middletown

Provocative Powder Room Ideas For Your Connecticut Home

Remodeling Your Connecticut Home: Sometimes You Just Need To Talk It Out

5 Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

4 Tips For Transforming an Attic Into a Mother-In-Law Apartment

9 Environmentally Friendly Homes Built In 2012

Nursing Home? Never! How Homeowners Can Stay In Their Homes As They Age, Kitchens Edition

Nursing Home? Never! How Homeowners Can Stay In Their Homes As They Age, Bathrooms Part 2

Nursing Home? Never! How Homeowners Can Stay In Their Homes As They Age, Bathrooms Part 1

Why In the World Would You Think About Building Or Remodeling a Connecticut Home Now?

Connecticut Kitchens: Making a (Back) Splash

Choosing the Right Cabinets For Your Connecticut Home

How Your Kitchen FLOOR Can Make a Strong Impression

Building Your Connecticut Home: Location Is More Than an Address

Making a small house feel bigger, Part 3: Renovating the garage

Connecticut Homebuilding: Don’t Spend Too Much For Your Home

Making a Small House Feel Bigger, Part 2: Remodeling the Basement

How a fireplace might make your home COLDER – with three ways to fix it

Is It OK To “Throw Another Log on the Fire” In Your Connecticut Home?

How to make a small house feel bigger, Part 1: Building Lofts

Which will be warmer: a wood stove or a fireplace?

Warm Up Your Connecticut Home Without Turning Up the Thermostat

Step into the Light with a Sunroom

Revamp Your Old Home (Without Tarnishing Its Classic Appeal)

Adding Windows To Brighten Your Home and Your Mood

End the Thermostat Battle With Zoned Heating and Cooling

Custom Home Additions For Your New Family

Winter Home Improvement in Connecticut: Take it Inside!

Building or Remodeling Your Central Connecticut Home: Staying on Schedule

Does Your Connecticut Home Have Enough Insulation?

Building Your Connecticut Home: What’s Going On With My House?

Multi-Generational Homes Needed in Near Future

How to Winterize Your Home for Energy Efficiency

The Best Storm Door for Your Connecticut Home

How to Winterize Your Home for Comfort

Choose the Right Contractor to Get Your Home Ready for Chilly Weather

Today’s Stylish and Functional Storm Windows

Remodeling Your Connecticut Area Home: Can You See It In Your Mind?

Why Building a Custom Home In Connecticut Is Like Eating an Elephant

5 Reasons To Remodel Your Central Connecticut Home

Tips to Avoid the Remodeling Halloween Horrors

What Should You Check Before Choosing a Connecticut Homebuilder?

There is Still Time to Add or Replace Windows in Your Meriden Home

Signs of Water Leaks? Have a Wallingford Contractor Take a Look

Choosing a Connecticut Builder: How Many Bids Should You Get?

What to Do About Creaking Floors in Your Wallingford Home

Is It Riskier to Remodel in Meriden in the Wintertime?

Basement Remodeling: Unlocking the Potential Beneath the Surface of Your Wallingford Home

Why Winterizing Your Meriden Home Should Be a Priority

Beautify Your Wallingford Home’s Front Entry

Building a Custom Connecticut Home: What’s a Warranty Worth?

What Are the 5 Most Popular Connecticut Remodeling Jobs During Wintertime?

5 Great Wallingford Home Remodeling Projects for the Fall

How MUCH Remodeling Do You Want to Do in Meriden?

Where Is the Smartest Place to Put Your Remodeling Dollars in Your Connecticut Home?

Connecticut Kitchen Remodeling: Where Will Your Money Go

New Connecticut Homes: How Green is Your Future?

Building a New Home in Connecticut: What Does “Location” Really Mean for You?

Using Environmentally-Safe Materials for Your Green Remodeling

Environmentally-Safe Appliances for Your Home

Bathroom Remodeling: Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

3 Facets of Green Remodeling

The Connecticut Homebuilding Issue Nobody Talks About

How Long Does It Take to Have a Custom-Built Home Constructed in Middletown?

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When to Refuse a Meriden Contractor

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Time for a Custom Remodeling when you have Health and Safety Concerns

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Building a CT Home is like Raising a Kid

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